We, M2mate, do not develop software, but only pick the better software from billions for you.

Our story starts from Grandma...

In 2012, my 65-year old grandma received the first tablet in her life. She is so curious about this magic device and was learning how to use it day and night.

When we held parties or we travelled outside, she took her tablet, taking photos, recording videos and audio. She wanted to keep all these memorable moments to this small magic device and help herself return back to the past.

She also shared these memories with others but she met some difficulties. There are so many different commercial companies and organizations around the world and they set up different standards. For multimedia files, there are different formats and different physical devices which can identify and play them. Grandma felt difficult to convert these multimedia files between different formats for different devices.

If you have been in this situation...

Although there are thousands of search results by Google when looking for the solution, it is not easy to pick the right one. It is full of risks. Once my grandma installed one piece of software to solve the issue, but the result was really bad, her computer crashed and all the data lost. She was so upset! It is like a nightmare, so terrible!

To help my grandma watching her precious videos on different device, I then searched the Internet and tried out many different programs to find the one that is easy-to-use and powerful. And finally, we succeed after a tough time.

That's why we launch M2mate!

During the time when searching the right multimedia software on the net, I met many people that face the same problem. The worse, some of them were in trouble because of being misled by so called "spammer".

That's the reason why we launched this site. We want to help those people who like grandma facing difficulties when they want to convert or transfer multimedia files and enjoy them.

We aim to help people, especially novice user to enjoy movies/videos on their portable devices through the right easy-to-use multimedia software without taking risks and wasting time to search.

We don't develop software, we only pick the better software from billions for you.

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