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Q: Is it secure to purchase product via your website?

A: Yes, it is very secure to do business with us. The online ordering is 100% secure! All data exchanged during the payment process is SSL-secured. Our servers support SSL Version 3 and 168-bit Triple DES encryption, and the RSA module and SSL sessions feature 1024-bit encryption. With these protections, the order of your private information, such as credit card number, addresses as well as confidential information will never be disclosed without your specific permission.

Q: How can I know my order is processed successfully?

A: Commonly, once your order is processed, you will receive a confirmation email sent from Avangate. This email indicates your order has been processed. And after this email, you will also receive an registration information email very soon.

Q: When I need technical assistance, what can I do?

A: You can either email to us at # as @) or contact the software vendor directly. It is suggested to include your order number and explain the problem you encountered in details for getting help faster. Generally speaking, you could get a response within 48 hours at least.

Q: If I want to have a refund, how can I do?

A: The products we provided offer trial versions for downloading directly from our website. Before you decide to purchase the full versions, you can test these "try-before-you-buy "ones to make sure whether they are compatible with your computer systems and meet your requirements of conversion.

We only select products from reliable vendors. Any product you purchased on our site has a 30 days money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can ask for a refund in 30 days after you purchased.

Q: After purchasing your software, can I upgrade it for free in the future?

A: You can always get normal update versions of the software for free. The products we have can check for updates automatically. You can click "Check for updates" in Help menu to find whether there is a new version available.

Legal Disclaimer: Remember do not copy DVDs that you do not own!

In the case of copyright protected materials such as movies or DVDs, it is our understanding that in nearly all jurisdictions it is not illegal to produce a copy of a DVD that one already owns, for backup or similar purposes. The legality of DVD ripping will vary based on your country of residence. We do not in any way endorse violation of the valid rights of copyright holders, and strongly recommend that you consult your country's copyright and fair use laws before copying any video content.

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