Tutorial on Converting SWF to WAV/MP3 Files and Extracting Sound from SWF

Have you met the following problems when enjoying flash SWF files on your device?

Q1How do I extract audio from a SWF (flash file)?

I have a SWF video (flash file) and I want to get an embedded mp3 file out of the flash. So I can put the audio song into my iPod Nano, but how?

Q2I wonder if it is possible to download/save only the audio component in a SWF file?

Many a times, if the flash file is too large and would occupy much space on the disk, I would prefer to download only the audio part.

Q3What is a good tool for separating audio from SWF?

I have a few flash videos on my computer (in SWF format) and I want to get only the audio as an MP3 audio file. I used to use some Adobe program meant for creating videos, but that's expensive and the trial is only one month.

If you have similar questions like above, you can feel easy now. To encode the audio of multimedia content within a SWF file or convert SWF to WAV/MP3/FLAC for enjoying on devices, you would use SWF to Audio Converter to accomplish this task by yourself. SWF to Audio Converter is a tool created for extracting audio from Flash animations with SWF extensions and saving them as independent audio files. Here is how:

You would learn how to only extract audio file from SWF video and convert Flash SWF file to audio files like MP3, WAV, FLAC and etc in four steps by reading this tutorial.

Preparation before extracting audio file from SWF flash video:

1. Download SWF to Audio Converter

2. Computer with Windows operation system

Step 1: Add SWF files to SWF Audio Converter

Click "Add" button on the top of the interface to select the SWF files that you want to convert. The program supports all versions of flash SWF files including V6, V7, V8, V9, and V10.

Note: It is a violation of copyright law to extract audio from Flash files that you didn't create yourself and that aren't in the public domain.

Convert SWF to audio in three steps

Step 2: Choose Output Audio Formats

You can either choose the output format through the profile drop-down list or simply select it beside the added SWF file on the main conversion panel.

The supported output audio formats are: AC3, MP3, MP2, WAV, FLAC, APE and M4A. It is also available for you to adjust the settings.

Supported output audio formats

Step 3: Start Converting SWF to WAV/MP3/M4A

When everything is ready, you come to the last step of extracting SWF sound to independent audio files. Click "Convert" or "Convert All" button to start the SWF to audio conversion process.

After clicking the button, a pop-up message box would come out showing two options "Start Play" and "Start Capture". You can choose it based on your needs. Later on, the program would begin the conversion process automatically.

Note: To avoid the frame loss caused by CPU occupation, we recommend that you close all other application while the program is capturing screen.

Begin extracting audio from SWF flash file

Step 4: Find the Converted Audio Files through the Output Folder

When the conversion process is finished, there is a pop-up message box showing you the status of the converted audio files "Succeeded". Close the windows by clicking OK and then you can find your converted audio files from the output folder you previous set.

Find the converted audio file


SWF is a file extension used by Adobe Flash files. These files can contain graphics, text, video and audio. With SWF to Audio converter, you can use only the audio portion of a Flash file by extracting the sound and converting it to audio formats like WAV MP3. This is helpful if you no longer have access to the original soundtrack for a file that you've created, or if you want to listen to the audio while you're on the go.

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