How to Download the Popular YouTube Video Gentleman to Your Portable Devices

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What's the hottest video now? "Gangnam Style"? No, it is the past. The video, "Gentleman" which is also sung by PSY, released on April 13, hit 100 million views in three days, tying the record of the Russian meteor from February, according to researcher Visible Measures.

PSY, the South Korean rapper, does not appear to be a one-hit wonder. Since "Gangnam Style" took 44 days to reach 100 million, this video "Gentleman" is now at 1.5 billion views and counting. Would like to watch this hottest video on your smart phone or handy tablet anytime? The best way is to download the YouTube GENTLEMAN video with video downloader.

Tools Needed for Downloading Gentleman YouTube Video

Video downloader

Computer (Windows OS or Mac OS) with Internet connected

Your devices and its cable

Tutorials: How to Download YouTube Video and then Convert for Portable Devices

1Install the video downloader on computer

Install the highly recommended video downloader, then follow the installation steps to have the program installed on your computer. It is quite easy.

2Copy the GENTLEMAN YouTube URL or simply download it beside the video

Run this program and go to Download menu on the top. There are two ways to download the online video with this video downloader.

Copy and paste the URL: copy the YouTube video URL of GENTLEMAN (, click "Add URL" button on the top left of the interface and paste the link onto the pop-out box. After choosing your desired destination folder, you can click OK to the next step.

Copy Gentleman YouTube Video URL

Directly download beside the video: when you are watching the YouTube video, you can click the "download" button near the video to download the current video straightly.

After that, the program would automatically start downloading the GENTLEMAN YouTube video.

Downloading Youtube Gentltman Video

3Convert the video to any format you want

If you'd like to watch the downloaded GENTLEMAN video on computer, it is OK. You can find the downloaded video from you preset destination folder.

If you'd like to view the hot video on Apple devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod, you can firstly convert the video to iPad/iPhone/iPod device, then use iTunes to sync the video from the computer to your portable Apple devices.

High quality: Play GENTLEMAN on video downloader

It is a pleasure to view the downloaded GENTLEMAN video as its quality is as the same as the original one. To check the downloaded video quality, you can play it on video downloader or media player you installed on your computer.

Finish Downloading Gentleman from YouTube Website

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